Green Manifesto


Green Manifesto PageR1Small, local choices have large global impact. With this in mind, the Presidential Gourmet kitchen is dedicated to producing food based on a firm environmental philosophy using sustainable methods and products.

Recognizing a global necessity to shift best practices towards greener results is a responsibility that PG embraces with open arms.

On every level we commit to catering with a quality that is in line with using more sustainable products. We partner with suppliers who have been identified as being able to provide locally sourced items with the smallest possible carbon footprint. These suppliers include local farmers’ markets, responsible producers and dozens of small, family-owned businesses.

Presidential Gourmet’s on-site staff is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint during functions and strives to make use of composting and recycling services that are available at the venues where we work and at the homes of our customers. We encourage our staff to lessen their personal carbon footprint by using the TTC for transportation, car-pooling to events or bicycling to work wherever possible. PG is also a supporter of the Good Shepherd Missions in Toronto and we frequently make stops at the end of events to drop off left-over foods, which also creates less waste and shows our commitment to our community and neighbours.

PG frequently uses reusable china for the service and presentation of our product and, when disposable are called for, we use only biodegradable plates and cutlery made from sugarcane or responsibly sourced bamboo.  PG menus strive to contain a minimum of 30% local and/or organic produce in the winter months, and up to 70% in the summer months; all sourced from local Ontario suppliers. The menus are designed to exclude fish and seafood deemed to be either hazardous to consume or in danger of extinction, such as Chilean Sea Bass, Shark, Blue Fin Tuna and certain farmed products. We suggest meats that create, in their production, a smaller environmental impact while still honouring our commitment to tasty and contemporary catering.