Posted on June 21st, 2017

The Sweet Taste of Pride

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Pride paves the streets of Toronto with colour and flare again this June.   To celebrate the rainbow, Presidential Gourmet created three desserts, full of personality and flavour.  Our Pastry Chef, Scott Bowser, illustrates that delicious comes in many colours, just like us!  So scroll down and feast your eyes on some crafty eats we are proud to share.

Pride Groom Cake Pops


White and Bittersweet Dark Chocolate, Red Velvet with Vanilla Cream Cheese, Black Chrome Dragees and hand-painted ‘luster dust’.


Pride Plated Dessert


Rainbow citrus mousse spheres with lemon curd filling, Lavender Macaron, Blueberry Ganache, Guava sauce, Black Cherry gelee, lemon cake crumble and chocolate décor.


Pride Savarins


Red – Strawberry Compote, Fresh Glazed Strawberries, Raspberry Ganache

Orange – Guava Mascarpone, Passion Fruit crisps, Orange dragees

Yellow – Lemon Curd, Candied Fennel Flower, Gooseberries

Green – Granny Smith Apple Compote, Candied Pistachio Crunch, 24K Gold Flakes

Blue – Fresh Glazed Blueberries, Blue Mini Macaron top, Blue dragees

Purple – Lavender Ganache, Candied Violet Petals, Pure Silver Flakes



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