Posted on April 26th, 2017

#WeddingGoals Tips from the Experts

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Before you start planning your big day, take a look at these pretty awesome suggestions from your friendly neighbourhood team at Presidential Gourmet. These tips and tricks will help make your celebration #WeddingGoals.


1/ If you feel that party favours are a necessity, think of something your guests can use in the moment.

Don’t break the bank with trinkets and gizmos that will probably be long forgotten or worse, a hassle to bring home. A miniature bottle of bubbly with a custom label, mints, M&M’s with your initials, truffles or cookies will be appreciated by your guests at any time through the evening but in particular, after last call!


2/ A carefully planned seating chart!

You don’t want to end up with a game of musical chairs (unless you planned one), so make sure you organize your guest’s tables well in advance. Be mindful of the smaller “parties” you are creating within your own as each table’s guests will be committed to each other for a large component of the evening.


3/ Open bar, yes please!

The price tag may make you rethink having peonies in your bouquet but trust us, it makes for a great party and even greater stories. To save on cost, consider offering a signature cocktail requiring one type of liquor and a smaller variety of other liquor based on your guest’s preferences. This will prevent an expensive bottle of scotch being opened for just one drink while you have to pay for the whole bottle – that happens more often than you think.


4/ It’s all about the food.

Not just because we live and breathe food but it’s actually an integral part of any successful event. Guests will appreciate a good bite to eat, especially late at night and more importantly; it’s what they will remember. Have tasty treats like sliders, poutine, donuts and coffee while everyone still has their dancing shoes on.


5/ Stay connected.

Have a fun hashtag, snapchat geofilter or go paperless all together! Sending e-vites with a website where all your guests can see the latest wedding updates will keep you organized, tree friendly and on budget.


6/ Save it for Pinterest.

You can pin as much wedding inspiration as your heart desires but realize it’s all at a cost. Plan, prioritize and remember a hefty portion goes towards wining and dining your wedding party.


7/ But how can I trim my budget?

During the planning process, you can book a wedding date with your venue that lands on a Friday or Sunday as typically it’s about 30 percent less expensive than a Saturday wedding. If you can’t change the day, think about the time of year and consider an off-peak window like November or January through March.


8/ The beloved outdoor reception.

They are dreamy (when the weather cooperates) but can take a hit to your wallet. Make sure to consider costs for a tent for your kitchen, serving staff and wedding party along with additional rentals and labour for set up.


9/ Cater towards your preferences.

It’s always great to include family traditions and your soon to be mother-in-law’s suggestion to include gluten-free canapés but don’t forget this is your day! Take a deep breath and realize – you can’t please everyone on your guest list and trying could cause more harm than good!


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