To our valued clients and partners,

Health and safety have been of paramount importance to us at Presidential Gourmet. Our kitchen facilities exceed local health regulations and our standards exceed those of our provincial and federal governments. We have additional measures in place to further ensure our staff and facility are protected and our clients are served by conscientious staff trained in new procedures. Presidential Gourmet is committed to keeping the pandemic at bay and we expect the same from everyone. challenges together.

We have added extra measures to our employee policy as we continue to work with vendors, venues and subcontractors who adhere to restrictions and Presidential Gourmet’s policy. Our policy protects our teams and those we work along side. Presidential Gourmet will comply with current rulings set forth by Health Canada and the Province of Ontario’s regulations and guidelines. Our policy will continue to evolve and reflect the data published by provincial and Canadian official health authorities.

Presidential Gourmet Covid19 Employee Policy

Office staff are required to work from homes until further notice. Employees may be permitted to enter  the office building with approval from their manager. Office staff are not permitted in the kitchen area at any time.

Kitchen staff are required to notify their supervisor as soon as they feel any flu-like symptoms or any symptoms of any illness.

Employees are screened at the beginning of their shift with questions and temperature check.

Employees shall maintain a minimum distance of 2 metres from any other person.

Employees shall wear an authorized facemask before entering the premises. Employees are to immediately scrub their hands upon entering the building.

Outerwear must be removed, and chefs must change into freshly laundered pants, chef jacket and hair covering. Chefs shall change from outside shoes into shoes designated and remain on the premises to be worn n the PG kitchen only.

Delivery vehicles will be equipped with Latex gloves, face masks, sanitizing agent and antibacterial wipes that reduce bacteria and viruses.

Delivery personnel will wear fresh gloves before each delivery and before touching containers to be delivered to each customer.

Delivery procedures are outlined in the Employee manual under Contactless Delivery procedures.

Incoming deliveries shall be quarantined, outer packaging removed, contents washed and sanitized before any item enters the kitchen area.

Under no circumstance is any person, other than the Executive Chef and chefs who meet and exceed these standards, permitted in the kitchen.

Events at Venues

Each of our Venues has a policy that adheres to Presidential Gourmet COVID19 standards.

Each of our staffing agencies adheres to Presidential Gourmet COVID19 policy.

As always, sanitization is of crucial importance and is of the highest standard in our kitchen and the kitchens we operate from while catering an event. Kitchens that Presidential Gourmet chefs work from will be examined and cleaned prior to food being unloaded from our vehicle or entering the space. All beverage areas will be continuously monitored for cross contamination.

Presidential Gourmet reserves the right to stop serving alcohol and/or food to any guest who does not follow government regulation. A guest who appears to jeopardize the health of guests or staff will be reported to security. Our staff will only operate in environments where clients and guests support regulation and the end to COVID19.

Clients will complete the Client Waiver to ensure that all guests and staff are safe.

Onsite Staff:

Our staff are our most important asset and we intend to keep them safe and in turn keep our guests safe. Each staff member is trained in serving and shall wear at all time.

Hand sanitizer is available to all staff at all time. Staff will thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water before guests arrive and not less than every 50 minutes until guests depart.

Set up and tear down

See onsite staff procedures in the employee manual.