Gents – last night was outstanding – thanks so much!

Clint and Cliff (the chefs) were both great; I arrived with one of our guests, and everything was in great hands. Additionally, they were both wonderful with Spencer and Justine, both of whom were keen to help and/or eat! They were outstanding, and I’d be happy to have either of them again – I hope they feel the same!

Thanks again, and I’m sure we’ll be talking before long…


I just wanted to send a quick note before we go off on our honeymoon.

We were totally blown away by the entire wedding yesterday. It went so smoothly, absolutely perfect! Everyone kept reminding me that something would go wrong for sure and to just roll with it but honestly it was flawless. I keep telling Albert that I want to relive it and all our guests absolutely loved everything! Eli especially liked the party close to the end when everyone was dancing! So much fun!

You are all so amazing! Thank you so much! A night that we will never forget!!!


Thanks so much Freeman. We had a wonderful evening, and you did a great job!
John David McBride, Seneca College

Rick Rowe, you and your team consistently outdo yourselves. You elevated the food to an art form at Inspired Spaces. Notice people in the background stopping to take photos of the charcuterie display! The folks at Seneca are still talking about the food. You set a new bar for future events! We are so humbly grateful!

The catering service from Presidential Gourmet was fantastic and the food was delicious!

The service was easy to set up, accommodating of requests, and on the day of service, everything went really smoothly. The sandwiches and salads really did taste gourmet, in particular the apple and walnut butter wrap!! Folks also really loved the pesto pasta salad, and the brownies and cookies were decadent. Overall, I would highly recommend this service if you’re looking for high quality and delicious food!


I was very happy with the food and service. All the guests and most importantly Sean was impressed with the food and quality of service the guys provided. They were really great. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and family!

Wow! What can I say? You guys throw a mean party. You are all extremely talented and I was so blessed to have you on board. I was a little out of sorts before the party with nothing to do, I felt a little helpless but I could get used to that, now that I know how well it all goes off when you hire the best!

Thank you for giving us your all. The place was beautiful, the food amazing, the entertainment was like nothing I have seen before and the activities were a huge hit. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. From the bottom of my heart and Holly’s thank you. I don’t think she will soon forget this evening.


I want to say thanks for all the great food, for bringing in the popcorn for us, and for generally going above and beyond for Comic Vision on Thursday night.

I also want to pass along some of the things that our guests and staff said about the food. In every message I have received from staff, committee members and attendees, they have mentioned that the food was delicious. The food, the staff and the food stations really added to the venue and helped us achieve a great event. So again, thanks!


Renee, you outdid yourself last night! Not a single complaint or even suggestion on something to change. The food was incredible and plentiful and absolutely perfect!!
And the donuts ... gorgeous and so good. I did eat one and it was incredible!!!!

Thanks, dear Rick, for a splendid event last night…You outdid yourself! It was a true success.

We loved the food, service and the venue; the plates were licked clean!! Our success is due to your loyal and efficient management.

Scott and I thank you,